Outreach: @terepaneque

I have been doing active outreach since 2019, I am most active through social media (@terepaneque) where I regularly upload astronomy videos explaining various topics and recent discoveries. In total 1 million people follow me mainly from Chile, Mexico and other spanish-speaking countries. Below you can find some of my highlights as a science communicator.

“El Universo Según Carlota” Books

Three short novels, covering the adventures of Carlota and her friends as they learn about astronomy topics. Over 20 thousand copies have been sold. These books are currently used in some schools as reading material!

“La Ruta de las Estrellas” TV Show

A 4-episode TV show presented by me and Chilean journalist Monserrat Alvarez was aired as part of Sabingo, a cultural program of Chilevision. Each episode shows a different observatory in the North of Chile. 

Friends with UNICEF Chile

In December 2022 I was named the first woman friend with UNICEF Chile. In this role I am committed to helping and promoting children’s rights and in particular the inclusion of women in science and technology

Public talks and conferences

Every year since 2019 I am involved in over 20 public talks and school visits to promote science and do astronomy outreach. Most of this is done either virtually or in-person in Chile, but I can go anywhere! 

Some recognitions…

Youth Leader Chile 2021

Selected together with other 100 youth leaders in different areas by Revista Sábado- IAU – Mercurio. Read more here 

Techfluencer Globant

Selected by popular vote as part of Globant’s 2022 campaign. 

Read more here

Mujer Bacana sub-30

Recognition awarded by Mujeres Bacanas (Cool Women) foundation and Dove program for self-esteem. Read more here